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Doug Casey on the Rise of Woke Companies and ESG Investing

International Man: The trend of investing in so-called environmental, social, and governance (ESG) companies is growing. Companies are rated based on their carbon emissions, diversity on their board, among other factors. Many companies seem to be bending over backwards to show their ESG credentials. What do you make of all this? Where did this all […]

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Bus Driver Economics

Economics should not be an especially difficult subject to understand. In essence, it’s simply the study of how money functions. However, academics, theoreticians, politicians, and financial leaders all stand to benefit if they can manage to complicate the basic principles and muddy the waters of economic comprehension. No individual has been manifestly more successful at […]

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Diversity or The Bigotry of Low Expectations

Editor’s Note: Jayant Bhandari is a long time friend of Doug Casey’s. He advises institutional investors on investing in the natural resource sector. Jayant writes on political, economic and cultural issues for several publications. Jayant also runs a yearly philosophy seminar in Vancouver, Capitalism & Morality. Value Traps and Economic Ignorance A financial analyst is often, […]

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