Presidents Week 24 In Las Vegas, Nevada

Message From The Speakers:

Cross Border Migration in a Post Covid World: Demographics and Scarcity Converge Producing Powerful Profit Opportunities

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Seasoned investors know when the opportunity is phenomenal. Macro trends and disruptive technologies combine to provide those with foresight a way to get ahead of curve and serve a new consumer need before it’s been fully revealed. The panic from Covid, specifically the lockdowns, has transformed the culture of work in profound ways. Freed from location dependence, workers are exploring new work environments, many overseas. This surge in demand, paired with a critical shortage of acceptable products, is fueling a supply/demand imbalance in the marketplace. This massive and permanent shift in work reality, the demographics of demand, and the scarcity component will be examined in detail with ideas presented for both property pitfalls to avoid and areas of extreme opportunity.

Hope to see you at this year’s Presidents Week Conference in Las Vegas,

Mike K. Cobb

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