Best Institutions to Study Law in Australia

Australia is one of the top study destinations for students across the world. The country has approximately 7 universities that are featured in the world’s top university rankings. Furthermore, Australia comes third after the US and UK for hosting the largest number of international students in over 1000 institutions, which offer over 22,000 courses to choose from.

This makes studying law in Australia appealing for most international students. However, with the high number of institutions, it is normal for students to be confused about their university of choice. Rightly so, there are many factors to consider before choosing an institute, whether you are an Aussie or a foreigner. They include co-curricular activities and a variety of electives.

The following are the best law schools in Australia based on law school rankings.

However, most of these institutions have tough academic requirements. For instance, a student might be required to study for 24 months to get a graduation degree. It is not uncommon for students to juggle a handful of assignments with fast-approaching deadlines.

In such cases, it would be advisable to consider employing the services of online professional essay writers to help you with those tough assignments. And in looking for law assignment help, it is important to factor in the professionalism and affordability of such services. Besides, you are learning at the highest level, and the law essay writing should reflect this.

1. The University of Sydney (Sydney Law School)

Widely considered as one of the best law schools in the world, the University of Sydney ranked 13th in the world for having the best law school in 2020. As the name suggests, the campus is located in Sydney, Australia. As a student, you are treated to warm weather, sandy beaches, and other top attractions.

The Master of Law is the flagship course that provides lawyers with expert knowledge in the field of law. However, students looking to pursue an undergraduate degree in the same program are welcomed to join the varsity. Other flagship courses include Bachelor of Law and Juris Doctor. Student life here is great as there are over 250 clubs and societies which are quite appealing. Furthermore, there are events and festivals to look out for all year round, including the pop fest and International festival.

2. The University of Western Australia

Arguably one of the oldest universities in Australia, the University of Western Australia, commenced operations back in the 1900s. Just like the previous, UWA is a great university, which has been featured time and time again in the top 100 universities in the world. It is best known for teaching agricultural sciences, earth, and marine sciences. Most notably, the university is known for being a member of the eight leading research universities in Australia.

UWA has provided 5000 foreign students with career opportunities. Popular programs offered at UWA include Business Law, Masters of Law, Taxation Law, Law, and Society.

3. The University of Melbourne

This is a prestigious facility that offers top-notch education in law. It is the top University in Melbourne and globally ranks as number six. The institution offers a varied number of courses. There are master’s degrees, graduate degrees in research, and undergraduate programs.

The institution has over 80 members of staff who teach masters level of education in law daily. There is an extensive online database, over 100 lecturers who visit the campus annually, and different elite groups present on the campus. The school is built to make you succeed as a lawyer.

4. The University of New South Wales

The NSW university is number 14 on the law school rankings of QS World University. Many students from all over the world desire to join the fine establishment. The facility has very high standards for admission and has a diverse teaching structure.

It aims to provide a high-quality education that fosters interactions and high student engagement. The flexibility of this model of learning allows students to work for firms or take up extra degrees. The campus also offers online classes that give legal resources as well as professional lecturers. You can easily acquire your online law degree in Australia.

5. The Australian National University

The law school is in the capital of Australia. The school offers only one undergraduate degree in law. Students who do not like a big community will appreciate the intimacy the campus provides. The school only accommodates less than 10,000 students annually, which is the lowest admission rate compared to other universities.

It may not be regarded as the best law school in Australia due to its size, but its flexible prices and quality education makes it rank highly. The University is known for its active involvement in reforms and social justice. The University also allows one to take it as a double degree to be completed in five instead of four years.


Studying law in Australia is an excellent opportunity. They offer law degree programs that are recognized globally. The program usually incorporates classes that increase the exposure of the graduate. There are many available law firms that one can enroll during the long breaks to increase their chances of employment.  The cost of studying this course in Australia is more subsidized as compared to other Ivy League Universities from Europe. The quality of education is similar, and the graduate is well versed with opportunities in Australia and globally.

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