Belize Reopens For Tourism

Like it or not, Belize reopens for international tourism 1 October 2020. For weeks now the Ministry of Health has been practicing COVID19 protocols at the Belize International Airport. Working from cracked Formica desks but otherwise properly hazmat suited, Belizean health workers are efficiently processing tourists with tracking apps, temperature probes and rapid tests. They’ve had lots of practice. Weekly repatriation flights bringing in nationals, permanent residents and deportees. And the uber rich on sometimes secretive private jets facilitated by Belize Tourism pols. (Image above: Halfmoon Caye Belize, credit otavio.kuhn)

What to expect in COVID19 Belize Tourism?

The country is in a bad state. Dependent on tourism for more than half of its foreign exchange earnings, six months of zero international tourism activity has shuttered most all hotels including restaurants and bars.

General Elections are scheduled for November and the tourism industry has been clamoring for months to have international air travel restarted. The economic benefits to well-heeled foreign investors and political donors are vast. The fallout for workers such as waiters, cleaners, tourist guides, taxi drivers, cooks and others, is not insignificant in these times.

There is much talk about COVID19 protocols, Gold Hotels ranked by the Belize Tourism Board, rather than the Ministry of Health. It is confusing, maybe purposely so. Here we publish the latest infographics and links to Belize Travel News.


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