Belize Covid-19 Updates For Travelers

Travel to Belize for the 15 August 2020 airport reopening involves new protocols to ensure the health of travelers and residents. Travelers heading to Belize are required to take a polymerase chain reaction test (COVID-19 PCR Test) and tested negative 72 hours prior to arriving in Belize. Travelers will be required to download and run a Belize Health App on their smart phones and enter necessary details. The app will test eligibility to visit Belize and enable tracking of all visitors during their stay. Confirmation of hotel booking is required for all visitors. Face masks are mandatory in all public places.

Protocols For Safe Entry Into Belize

Before travel to Belize: Book travel to Belize using approved accommodation Register on BELIZE HEALTH APP Travelers will be provided with a unique number. Take COVID-19 PCR Test and receive negative result within 72 hours prior to travel Follow all protocols of airlines and airports in originating city wear a face mask at all times throughout the airports Sanitize hands often and maintain physical distancing

Arrival in Belize: Disembark plane and proceed to health screening Sanitize shoes and pass thermal imaging cameras To proceed, temperature must be less than 100 Degrees Fahrenheit Verify information on the BELIZE HEALTH APP Verify certified COVID-19 PCR Test results provided within 72 hours of flight Passengers with a negative test result can proceed to immigration and customs Passengers without COVID-19 PCR Test will be asked to proceed to the RED LANE for rapid test Passengers that test positive for COVID-19 will be placed in quarantine at their expense Passengers that test negative for COVID-19 can proceed to immigration and customs.

Immigration and customs: Immigration check at airport Maintain 6 feet physical distancing Guest proceeds to baggage claim Guess proceeds to customs Place bags on luggage scanners Proceed to domestic flight or ground transportation with approved providers

While Staying In Belize: Arrival at approved hotel. BELIZE HEALTH APP will check in daily by unique number and Geo Ping

No Symptoms while in Belize: Continue vacation until departure All social distancing protocols apply for departure from BZE airport

Symptoms while in Belize: Ministry of Health conducts testing. If positive, guest will be put in quarantine and will depart Belize upon health clearance. If negative, guest can continue vacation. The above will depend on whether the government is able to implement proper safety measures at the international airport. This page will be updated as circumstances evolve.


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