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Real Estate Developments in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest economies in Latin America—it forms part of a group of emerging economies that have set the standard for economic development for the third world. In recent years, the country has gone through an economic slump that it’s about to recover from—reflected in the boom and development of real estate […]

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The Best Tax-Free Countries for Americans

Dateline: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Where can Americans go to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and live relatively tax-free? Both here on our blog and on our YouTube channel, we’ve previously covered all the different tax-free countries around the world and how they might fit into your offshore strategy.  But finding tax-free for Americans that work with the […]

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Korea Reunified?

The image above is of the Arch of Reunification in North Korea, located just south of Pyongyang. It was constructed in 2001 and features two women wearing traditional chosŏn-ot dresses, representing the two Koreas coming together. The arch spans the highway that connects North and South Korea, except that, as can be seen… there are […]

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Investment Options in Colombia—Factoring Debt Judgments

The Colombian economy has shown immense improvement over the past three years— it has grown at an average of 2.7% since 2017. These growth rates are higher than those for Brazil, Argentina, and many other big-players in the Latin American continent.  With the government focusing on reducing government debts, introducing fiscal austerity measures, and improving […]

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