Make more,
Keep more,
Live more!

We want you:

To Make More!

We will show you how using structures to make more money

To Keep More!

We will show you how to keep more of your own money

To Live More!

We will show you how to design and improve your lifestyle


I will not be asking you to move offshore

I will be asking you to let some of your banking , businesses, and future investments move and live offshore!


I will not be asking you to give up your citizenship or passport. 

I will ask to let some businesses have a new home (Tax Residency)


I will not ask you to give up or lose anything you have now.

I will only ask you let us together add and improve what you already have.

Hi, I’m Scott Smith. I have spent 30 years learning and living the Global Flag Theory lifestyle. What does this mean to you. It means planning your life, your wealth strategy and your banking, assets and business structures correctly, to have the best life possible. 

I am 60. I am not a digital nomad . I am not a backpacker.
I have owned multiple homes and started multiple million dollar businesses around the world . I made my money doing. Not teaching. And now I want to help others have the best life possible! I have always researched and lived in the best places in the world to live, do business, and invest. Today this is so much easier that when I did this pre-internet!

Global Flag Theory...

teaches you to design a definite clear strategy of what you want for your life. And giving you the tools and resources to build your life how you want it to be. The foundation of everything is you knowing what you want and making your own choices.

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